Why can’t it be easier to share articles on WordPress?

I’ve always wondered why WordPress was never included in the share here icon sets:

Showing share this icons that are typically seen on a site which usually include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, What's App, Pinterest, Email, etc.

Even this gigantic list of share options from Monarch fails to mention WordPress:

33 different sharing options, not one of them WordPress.
We’ve got 33 share options but WordPress ain’t one…

But it includes Amazon! 🤔I don’t even know how that would work…

Even on articles suggesting we ditch Facebook in favor of posting on our own personal websites there’s no easy way to do so:

In this article which suggests we ditch Facebook in favor of posting on our own personal websites, the only two sharing options are for Facebook and Twitter.
Only share options are Facebook and Twitter, on a post suggesting we replace Facebook with personal websites.

When searching for WordPress plugins that add social sharing icons to your site, one of the top results is a post from bloggingwizard.com which lists their Top 11 WordPress Social Sharing Plugin Recommendations for 2018: not one of them includes sharing to their own personal WordPress site.

There are two easy ways to share… sort of…

The WordPress iOS app does make it quite easy to share via the iOS share options:

Screenshot of iOS sharing options.

However you have to enable the setting via the More â€Ļ menu, so if you don’t know to look for it, it’s kind of hidden:

Screenshot of iOS more sharing options.

And on WordPress.com sites you can go to Configure > Share > Sharing Buttons settings to add a WordPress repost like the one you see at the bottom of this post*. 😁

Screenshot of WordPress.com's sharing button settings.

*Although it only shows up for viewers that are logged in to their WordPress.com account. Whomp, whomp. ☚ī¸

Which brings us back to the fact that there’s no real easy way for someone to share a post like this on their own self-hosted WordPress website, at least not as easy as we’ve made it to share on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

bummer dude.

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